There’s a lot of ambiguity surrounding the concept of Private Blog Networks – will you be penalized? Or will you be rewarded in terms of boosted SEO? Well, the constant confusion around Private Blog Networks has kept people wary from it – but that hasn’t stopped the inquisitive ones from trying out this SEO hack! This post is a tell-all about the Private Blog Networks – so read on to clear the air!

Private Blog Networks (PBN’s) are complicated, which is why attempting to answer whether they’re really beneficial or not goes way beyond a simple yes or no. Let’s break it down for you – backlinks are what actually do the real work – they should be attributed to improvising and boosting your SEO. And you may wonder what the connection between backlinks and PBN’s is? Well, PBN’s claim that they generate enough backlinks to improve your SEO.

Private Blog

What we have to see is – do PBN’s actually stand true to the claims it makes? And for that well have to begin with what a PBN means. When the SEO craze began, it was noted that in order to boost SEO, backlinks were an important aspect — and generating backlinks is a tedious task – so how to find the easy way out? Well, a genius came up with the idea to create backlinks by purchasing expired domain authority websites without much effort. After this, the next step was to collect a considerable number of these domains and post some basic content on them – this content included a backlink to the primary website – for boosting the SEO of which all of this took place in the first place!

With this exposure, any primary website gets that pump in SEO, improving the rankings. An easy way out – without much of expenses! But is this really worth all the effort?

Most of those who proclaim the benefits of PBN’s haven’t really used it themselves – so it’s always better to be cautious rather than jumping into PBN’s merely after reading a post declaring its immense benefits.

Rather than getting into something that you cannot vouch for, it’s advisable you think of ways and means to improve your backlinks – by doing so, your improving your chances of boosting SEO in a legitimate manner – which may be a slower process, but definitely one with long-lasting effects.