This site is intended to provide general information and news to the Business Intelligence & Analytics communities in relation to the XMLA specification, an open industry-standard web service interface designed specifically for online analytical processing (OLAP) and data-mining functions.

The XMLA specification was originally co-sponsored by Hyperion ( & Microsoft Corp. ( and was first released in April of 2001. Since that time, the XMLA specification has gained significant momentum by having SAS Institute ( join Hyperion & Microsoft Corp. as a co-sponsor of the XMLA specification. Moreover, the XMLA advisory council was also formed to further develop and define the XMLA specification(s). The XMLA advisory council is made up of over 20 leading Business Intelligence software vendors that have announced their support and backing of XMLA and that have also helped drive significant adoption and momentum in creating XMLA as a standard interface for OLAP and data-mining technologies.