SEO is ruling the digital marketing world – and it’s essential for every business out there to have a strong SEO game to improve their online presence as much as possible. While SEO experts do have their strategies well in place, here are a few SEO hacks which you should know (and can even try out!). Let’s have an insight into the hacks of the SEO world:

  1. Focus on local search results:
    Coming up with keywords on the basis of local search results is what will fetch you more results. Your visibility will improve a lot – and getting local attention first is what will help you go a long way ahead. Google’s keyword tool –Keyword Planner is indeed worth the effort. It’s free and very beneficial – you’ll get a plethora of keyword search results which you can optimize to create relevant content. You can use the near parameter, the uule parameter, and even specific GPS coordinates to make your search results more accurate.
  2. Create more backlinks:backlink-to-your-site
    Backlinks are the best way to slowly and steadily grow and divert traffic towards your site. How do you do this? Well, use competitor research to track down the domains which are boosting your rivals and giving them an edge over you. This will open the door to new opportunities, as you will be exposed to new ways of fetching useful links that make your backlink building procedure easier.
  3. Reviews:reviews-stars
    The users, readers, customers – whatever you wish to label them – on your website play an important role. Their feedback is what will help you stand apart from millions of other sites out there- so encourage customer feedback – incentivize your users to drop back their feedbacks, as this hack is definitely one that will help you the long way!
  4. The NAP trap:
    Make sure your Name, Address and Phone Number is the same on every website you put it up on. This makes sure your contact details are attributed and directed to the right webpage every time someone looks up for it. The NAP trap can prove potentially harmful to your SEO rankings, so get rid of the NAP inconsistencies right away and improve the access people have to your website.
  5. Structure your SEO plan:

    Having a structured SEO plan will indeed be beneficial for you – knowing what to do and how to do it is essential. So get your SEO basics right before coming up with any strategies – it will be of great use to you!