If you are a person who is running a business and if you are thinking that SEO is not necessary, then you are mislead. In the present scenario where every business has heavy competition, it is mandatory for every business to concentrate on SEO for their site. With more than 70% of the shopping happening after an online search, we cannot be lethargic about the online presence. In this article, we will discuss five ways to improve the site’s ranking.

Content Relevancy

Content Relevancy

When a person is searching for a particular thing, and if your business is related to that you should make sure that you provide some content that is related to your business. If you have bluffed something that is totally useless, there are good possibilities that the person will jump to another site no matter how good your service is.


This is one of the places where most of the people terribly fail. The quality of the content that you are putting in the site must be of the best. The content should be in such a way that it attracts people and keep them engaged.

Some of the important things that you should consider while writing content are keyword phrase and highlighting the head tags (H1, H2, and H3)

Regular Updates

Regular Updates

You might have a different perspective about content in the site. But it is one of the important aspects that Google takes into consideration for ranking that site. So it is mandatory that there should be regular updates in the content of the site. This also generates a considerable amount of traffic to the site.


While developing a site there will be a space between the head tag so that metadata can be inserted. In case of a CMS site, the UMC team would have already populated the information for you. The important aspects of metadata are title metadata which refers to the titles in the page, the description metadata which is the text that describes the use of the page and finally the keyword metadata which the keyword that you have zeroed down for optimizing.

SEO – Private Blog Networks

One of the most effective ways to increase your website’s SEO is to use private blog networks, though this method has been highly criticized by many SEOs, when done correctly it’s very powerful. One of the most important things is to get a good PBN Hosting service, if your hosting is top notch then there is a low chance that your websites will get penalised.

Have a worthy link

Have a worthy link

It is important to create a relevant link in the text. It is better to avoid the words “Click here.” Instead, you can opt for some other words or the keywords which adds a bit of value. Make sure to use descriptive links because it is very effective when it comes to ranking of the site.

Use Alt tags

If you are describing any graphics like an image or a video use alt tags. This allows the search engine to locate your page easily. It plays a very important role when people use text-only browsers or screen readers. The proper use of alt tags will generate more traffic and it also a considerable impact on the site’s ranking.

Page Optimisation

One of the easiest ways to push your website up in rankings is to optimise your page! Making your title tags based around the keywords you are trying to focus on is key. It is also very important to have a lot of content on your page so the Google search engine can understand what your page is about. Including relevant images is important as well, you want to craft your page perfectly so Google can see what keywords you are trying to rank for. The best way to do this is to look at the top 10 websites ranking for your keyword and base your page structure off theirs, just make it a better version of what they have.