They’re known SEO experts for a reason! They rule the SEO world – coming up with hacks, ideas and sure-shot strategies to improve your SEO game. So why not follow them and learn something from this clan of geniuses? We’ve got a list of SEO experts you need to follow right away – to gain hands-on knowledge and tips to improve your SEO knowledge base:

Danny Sullivan:
Undoubtedly the best in the SEO world, Danny is a journalist as well as an analyst, who has extensively dedicated his life to improvise the way the digital world functions. Since 1996, Danny has stressed upon the need for SEO in the digital world. He works for Google, taking every effort possible to make the masses aware of SEO and how it can positively impact their online presence.

David Mihm:

seoAnother popular SEO expert, David Mihm has had a tremendous experience in the SEO sector, and after a few ventures, he has finally settled down in Tidings – his own firm that is wholly dedicated to digital marketing. A famous name, he is always open to learning and ideas – which he believes help him to come up with better SEO strategies!

Bruce Clay:
Since the past few decades, Bruce Clay heads a chain of digital marketing agencies across the world. Bruce Clay Inc. Has been in the SEO game since 1996, and is one of the top firms in the digital marketing world. Ethical SEO practices is what Bruce and his firm stand by, making it an even more sought-after organization. As an individual, Bruce is a master of SEO – you’ll know when you follow him!

John Doherty:

johnFounder of Credo, a famous digital marketing agency and also a freelancer who advises people and businesses who are looking forward to boosting their SEO rankings, John is a young SEO expert. He has a vast experience in this field, making him popular amongst businesses and people alike. He’s super active on social media, so do follow him to know more about SEO.

Lisa Holton Barone:
The Chief Marketing Officer at Overit has seen it all since the past nine years, and is still open to learning and improving herself! She has particularly carved a niche for herself in the marketing sector making it a must to follow her social media pages. Overit too acknowledges Lisa’s immense contribution to the growth of their organization.