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Five Ways to Improve Your Site’s Ranking

If you are a person who is running a business and if you are thinking that SEO is not necessary, then you are mislead. In the present scenario where every business has heavy competition, it is mandatory for every business to concentrate on SEO for their site. With more than 70% of the shopping happening after an online search, we cannot be lethargic about the online presence. In this article, we will discuss five ways to improve the site’s ranking.

Content Relevancy

Content Relevancy

When a person is searching for a particular thing, and if your business is related to that you should make sure that you provide some content that is related to your business. If you have bluffed something that is totally useless, there are good possibilities that the person will jump to another site no matter how good your service is.


This is one of the places where most of the people terribly fail. The quality of the content that you are putting in the site must be of the best. The content should be in such a way that it attracts people and keep them engaged.

Some of the important things that you should consider while writing content are keyword phrase and highlighting the head tags (H1, H2, and H3)

Regular Updates

Regular Updates

You might have a different perspective about content in the site. But it is one of the important aspects that Google takes into consideration for ranking that site. So it is mandatory that there should be regular updates in the content of the site. This also generates a considerable amount of traffic to the site.


While developing a site there will be a space between the head tag so that metadata can be inserted. In case of a CMS site, the UMC team would have already populated the information for you. The important aspects of metadata are title metadata which refers to the titles in the page, the description metadata which is the text that describes the use of the page and finally the keyword metadata which the keyword that you have zeroed down for optimizing.

SEO – Private Blog Networks

One of the most effective ways to increase your website’s SEO is to use private blog networks, though this method has been highly criticized by many SEOs, when done correctly it’s very powerful. One of the most important things is to get a good PBN Hosting service, if your hosting is top notch then there is a low chance that your websites will get penalised.

Have a worthy link

Have a worthy link

It is important to create a relevant link in the text. It is better to avoid the words “Click here.” Instead, you can opt for some other words or the keywords which adds a bit of value. Make sure to use descriptive links because it is very effective when it comes to ranking of the site.

Use Alt tags

If you are describing any graphics like an image or a video use alt tags. This allows the search engine to locate your page easily. It plays a very important role when people use text-only browsers or screen readers. The proper use of alt tags will generate more traffic and it also a considerable impact on the site’s ranking.

Page Optimisation

One of the easiest ways to push your website up in rankings is to optimise your page! Making your title tags based around the keywords you are trying to focus on is key. It is also very important to have a lot of content on your page so the Google search engine can understand what your page is about. Including relevant images is important as well, you want to craft your page perfectly so Google can see what keywords you are trying to rank for. The best way to do this is to look at the top 10 websites ranking for your keyword and base your page structure off theirs, just make it a better version of what they have.

SEO Hacks You Must Know

SEO is ruling the digital marketing world – and it’s essential for every business out there to have a strong SEO game to improve their online presence as much as possible. While SEO experts do have their strategies well in place, here are a few SEO hacks which you should know (and can even try out!). Let’s have an insight into the hacks of the SEO world:

  1. Focus on local search results:
    Coming up with keywords on the basis of local search results is what will fetch you more results. Your visibility will improve a lot – and getting local attention first is what will help you go a long way ahead. Google’s keyword tool –Keyword Planner is indeed worth the effort. It’s free and very beneficial – you’ll get a plethora of keyword search results which you can optimize to create relevant content. You can use the near parameter, the uule parameter, and even specific GPS coordinates to make your search results more accurate.
  2. Create more backlinks:backlink-to-your-site
    Backlinks are the best way to slowly and steadily grow and divert traffic towards your site. How do you do this? Well, use competitor research to track down the domains which are boosting your rivals and giving them an edge over you. This will open the door to new opportunities, as you will be exposed to new ways of fetching useful links that make your backlink building procedure easier.
  3. Reviews:reviews-stars
    The users, readers, customers – whatever you wish to label them – on your website play an important role. Their feedback is what will help you stand apart from millions of other sites out there- so encourage customer feedback – incentivize your users to drop back their feedbacks, as this hack is definitely one that will help you the long way!
  4. The NAP trap:
    Make sure your Name, Address and Phone Number is the same on every website you put it up on. This makes sure your contact details are attributed and directed to the right webpage every time someone looks up for it. The NAP trap can prove potentially harmful to your SEO rankings, so get rid of the NAP inconsistencies right away and improve the access people have to your website.
  5. Structure your SEO plan:

    Having a structured SEO plan will indeed be beneficial for you – knowing what to do and how to do it is essential. So get your SEO basics right before coming up with any strategies – it will be of great use to you!

SEO Experts You Need To Follow Right Away!

They’re known SEO experts for a reason! They rule the SEO world – coming up with hacks, ideas and sure-shot strategies to improve your SEO game. So why not follow them and learn something from this clan of geniuses? We’ve got a list of SEO experts you need to follow right away – to gain hands-on knowledge and tips to improve your SEO knowledge base:

Danny Sullivan:
Undoubtedly the best in the SEO world, Danny is a journalist as well as an analyst, who has extensively dedicated his life to improvise the way the digital world functions. Since 1996, Danny has stressed upon the need for SEO in the digital world. He works for Google, taking every effort possible to make the masses aware of SEO and how it can positively impact their online presence.

David Mihm:

seoAnother popular SEO expert, David Mihm has had a tremendous experience in the SEO sector, and after a few ventures, he has finally settled down in Tidings – his own firm that is wholly dedicated to digital marketing. A famous name, he is always open to learning and ideas – which he believes help him to come up with better SEO strategies!

Bruce Clay:
Since the past few decades, Bruce Clay heads a chain of digital marketing agencies across the world. Bruce Clay Inc. Has been in the SEO game since 1996, and is one of the top firms in the digital marketing world. Ethical SEO practices is what Bruce and his firm stand by, making it an even more sought-after organization. As an individual, Bruce is a master of SEO – you’ll know when you follow him!

John Doherty:

johnFounder of Credo, a famous digital marketing agency and also a freelancer who advises people and businesses who are looking forward to boosting their SEO rankings, John is a young SEO expert. He has a vast experience in this field, making him popular amongst businesses and people alike. He’s super active on social media, so do follow him to know more about SEO.

Lisa Holton Barone:
The Chief Marketing Officer at Overit has seen it all since the past nine years, and is still open to learning and improving herself! She has particularly carved a niche for herself in the marketing sector making it a must to follow her social media pages. Overit too acknowledges Lisa’s immense contribution to the growth of their organization.

All You Need To Know About Private Blog Networks

There’s a lot of ambiguity surrounding the concept of Private Blog Networks – will you be penalized? Or will you be rewarded in terms of boosted SEO? Well, the constant confusion around Private Blog Networks has kept people wary from it – but that hasn’t stopped the inquisitive ones from trying out this SEO hack! This post is a tell-all about the Private Blog Networks – so read on to clear the air!

Private Blog Networks (PBN’s) are complicated, which is why attempting to answer whether they’re really beneficial or not goes way beyond a simple yes or no. Let’s break it down for you – backlinks are what actually do the real work – they should be attributed to improvising and boosting your SEO. And you may wonder what the connection between backlinks and PBN’s is? Well, PBN’s claim that they generate enough backlinks to improve your SEO.

Private Blog

What we have to see is – do PBN’s actually stand true to the claims it makes? And for that well have to begin with what a PBN means. When the SEO craze began, it was noted that in order to boost SEO, backlinks were an important aspect — and generating backlinks is a tedious task – so how to find the easy way out? Well, a genius came up with the idea to create backlinks by purchasing expired domain authority websites without much effort. After this, the next step was to collect a considerable number of these domains and post some basic content on them – this content included a backlink to the primary website – for boosting the SEO of which all of this took place in the first place!

With this exposure, any primary website gets that pump in SEO, improving the rankings. An easy way out – without much of expenses! But is this really worth all the effort?

Most of those who proclaim the benefits of PBN’s haven’t really used it themselves – so it’s always better to be cautious rather than jumping into PBN’s merely after reading a post declaring its immense benefits.

Rather than getting into something that you cannot vouch for, it’s advisable you think of ways and means to improve your backlinks – by doing so, your improving your chances of boosting SEO in a legitimate manner – which may be a slower process, but definitely one with long-lasting effects.

How To Build a PBN

If you’ve just started out and want to develop a Private Blog Network – this ones for you. Despite reading everything about Private Blog Networks, there are still some who want to try out this quick SEO hack – and it’s always better to have a structured guide when you’re trying out something new. So here we go – a step-by-step guide towards building a worthwhile Private Blog Network:

Hunt for domains:
The main trick in creating a PBN is to purchase domains – expired, expiring both. Expired or Expiring – which one is better you may ask? Well, as per PBN experts, both work just a good. But you do have an edge with the expiring domains – your probability of fetching higher metrics is boosted up when you go in for expiring domains. And this is indeed the first step towards building a robust PBN network – so start off with looking out for domains which you can easily purchase. You could even look out for a broker who helps you do this. You also have the option of auctions – although the process is easy, it may be tedious and lengthy. Weigh your options and see what works best for you.

Quick tip:
Note that every action you do is going to be under Google’s eye – so it’s best if you buy domains that are independently owned and not related to each other in any way. Also, when buying the domain, don’t put out your name for every domain you purchase.

Post content:


After finding the perfect hosting platform for hosting your newly purchased bunch of domains, you have to begin posting content. Now, content-wise, you have to make sure the content on these domains is something related to your primary website – the website for which you’re taking all this effort for! So even if the older website was about something entirely unrelated to your current one, find out ways and means to twist the content and make it somehow related to what you want. Bridging this gap will give you a secure backup, which is always better.

Don’t get lazy when you have to post the content on the domains you have invested in. Most people commit this blunder, making the PBN appear as a legit scam. So what you have to do is come up with enough content – around 4-5 posts with quality content in each post. This makes your website appear genuine. Also, don’t forget to create a backlink by adding the domain of your primary site to these newly purchased and refurbished domains!

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